Since 2004, Magnetic Personalities has been creating unique programs and characters for education, entertainment and promotion.

Our premier service has been Gizmo D Robot who is the host with the most whether it is for one of our educational presentations for elementary school children or as an ambassador of good will for a fair, festival, mitzvah, college or other special event.

Gizmo, often in an alternate, appropriately customized persona, has been the face of various promotional events and activities for corporations large and small, such as Dow Chemical, AAA, Show Span, Inc., Allstate Insurance and Google (yes, we said Google – don’t make a big thing about it).

Outside of the robot character realm, we created two live, interactive “on screen” characters for  Sesame Place theme park in Langhorne, PA

Myron O’Lantern is Jack’s not very scary – and rather nerdy – younger brother.  Appearing in a painting that hangs in the Counting Counts Haunted Castle, Myron interacts with visitors and tries, unsuccessfully, to scare them, though he only ends up charming them with his sweetness and accidental wit.

Bertram the Snowman (pronounced Buuurrrr-tram), is also an on-screen character who hosts visitors during the winter holidays.  Bertram is a unique in that he hates the cold and actually has a cold.  “I’d drink a cup of hot chocolate right now.” he says.  “I don’t care what happens!”